Preparing for the Future, With Michele Kief

July 12, 2023
It is obvious when you look at her record that Michele Kief understands that preparing for the future doesn’t preclude having a good time now. n fact, from Michele’s perspective, a good life requires a sense of balance between having a good time now and preparing to have a good time at the end of your life. It’s not an either/or proposition at all. In fact, it could very well be her understanding of that sense of balance, as well as her proven ability to help clients maintain that balance that has transformed Michele Kief into one of the best financial advisors anywhere.

An avid traveler, Michele Kief’s desire that her clients enjoy life now that motivates her to show clients how they can travel and see the world for a lot less. By showing them how to go anywhere for less money, they experience life and also prepare for a fruitful retirement. Lately, she has been encouraging her clients to see America. Because gasoline prices in most places are so low right now, she’s encouraging clients to see the country from the road this year.